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This Indian village is not effected by high onion prices, surprising reason behind


Onion Prices are soaring sky high and people are scrambling to buy cheap onions, but there is a village in Bihar where people do not have a problem because of the rising onion prices because nobody eats onions in this village. The cooking budget of the people in villages and cities throughout the state has increased due to the increase in onion prices. Onion prices in Patna’s retail market have reached Rs 80 per kg. However, Bihar’s Jahanabad district’s Chiri village is not affected by these rising prices.

The village of Triloki Bigha, about 30 km from the Jahanabad district headquarters, is neither upset nor upset by the rising prices of onions. Because, in the whole village no onions are eaten at all. The population of 30 to 35 households is mostly Yadavs. They also do not eat onion and garlic. The whole village is forbidden to buy onions and garlic from the market.

Ramvilas, the village elder, says that it is not that the people here are not consuming it after the onion and garlic prices have increased but we never eat onion and garlic. He said that the ancestors also did not consume onions and garlic and that tradition continues in the village even today.

The people of Triloki Bigha village of Chiri Panchayat in Hulaspur block say the reason for not eating onions and garlic is because of Thakurbadi (temple) in the village. Subarti Devi of the village says that there is a Thakurji temple in her village. Due to which his ancestors banned eating onions in the village, which is still intact today.

They say that someone tried to break the ban 40-45 years ago. However, there was an ominous incident with that family. After that, people don’t even dare to eat onions. Sanjay Kumar, president of the Chiri Gram Panchayat, says that this tradition has been practiced in this village for years.

He said, “You can also associate it with superstition, but today the ban has become a tradition for this village.”Most people in this village belong to the Yadav cast,” Kumar said.

Villagers said that not only onions and garlic, meat and alcohol are banned in the village. There are many people in this village who do not even know that onion prices have gone up this much.