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This Crash was destined to happen! It’s all in Stars and Mathematics


You must have heard that there are a lot of mathematical calculations and formulae that actually help stock traders in judging the behaviour of the market and how it will respond to various external developments. What if we say that even planetary positions have a role in it? Surprised, don’t be.

A North India based advisor group which advises equity traders across the country has shown how planetary positions can be utilised to time the market. The group predicted the ongoing slump in the market based on planetary positions almost a year ago and its advice has helped many traders and investors from the ongoing mayhem. This is how they did it.

Finding the probable time slot for a major reversal

Life is a circle and so is the stock market. Here is how it is done:

Let us understand planets and consider cycle as an individual rotation of planets

Rahu has a cycle of 18 years. 18*5 is 90 years

Saturn has a cycle of 30 years. 30*3 is 90 years

These are the two karmic planets which can make or break anybody’s destiny, the stock markets as well.

Add to that Uranus which can have a long-lasting effect. Now Saturn Uranus conjunction also takes 45 years. 45*2 is 90 years

Now I am sure you all know about 1929 and the famous October crash. Add 90 years to it and we reach Oct 2019. Since the market isn’t a Swiss watch, we can give or take a few months taking into account solar rotation 1.01 degrees and various leap years. We need to find a probable price range from where the price can correct.

Finding the probable price range for major reversal
Let us talk about Mathematics now. Squares and square roots are the foundation of what stock markets do on a macro time frame and let’s not forget the most important figures in mathematics. Right-angled triangle and square both of whom have an angle of 90 degrees

Nifty high in 2008 and 2011 was close to 6337. Let us take the square root of 6337. It comes to 79.60. Add 16 to it. Question is why 16? A circle is of 360 degrees. If we divide it by 8, we get an angle of 45 degrees. 45 degrees is the cornerstone of everything – even the right-angled triangle.

1 circle of 360 degrees tantamount to 8 rotations of 45 degrees. And that’s why we take multiple of 8s
Now, let us add 16 to 79.60. We get 95.60. Now, let us square 95.60. We get 9140. Now, does it ring a bell? That was the major high (9119) which Nifty hit in March 2015. Corrected almost 20 per cent from there

Now repeat. Take the square root of 9119, it comes at 95.49. Add 16 again, we get 111.49. Now square it again, we get 12431. That is the range to dump the large caps and take shorts as per individual capacity

Saturn is the karmic planet and it transits on 24 Jan 2020. So, a price range of 12400-12450 anytime between Jan 17-31 will be a place to dump everything.

If this study is correct, a correction of 2500 points as fast as you could think. It will be the crash to talk about to your grandchildren!

Latest Update

We also need to understand that whenever a final move (before a big correction) and its confirmation happens, it always happens in the step of fives (5). In the below chart, we can clearly see how the 5 waves turned up wherein wave 5 ended at around the anticipated number of 12430 and wave 5 itself was an ending diagonal pattern with sub-waves as A-B-C-D-E. So after a prolonged runup from 6825 to 12430, that’s an exact pattern that played out. There is a slight possibility that we might have ended a runup from 2252 (2008 low).

There is still time to dump the portfolio and wait for the right opportunity to re-enter.

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