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Thai woman found burnt in Surat: SIT formed to probe case


Three days after the body of a Thai woman was found charred in a rented accommodation in Surat, the police are still struggling to get a headway in the case. 

The department has now formed a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to solve the case. The SIT will have members of the Umra Police station as well as the Crime Branch. The case is being monitored by DCP Vidhi Chaudhary.


The Thai woman identified as Mimi, 27, was found burnt to death at a rented accommodation in Magdella’s Bhaiya street in Surat. The neighbours alerted the cops after they saw smoke emanating from the room. 

The body was sent for postmortem and the police registered a case of accidental death as of now. Several aspects of the case point to the possibility of foul play in the death.  

So far three to four people have been questioned in connection with the case. The room was locked from outside when neighbours found smoke emanating from it. The room had a second exit but the woman neither tried to get help nor did anyone hear her shout.

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Forensic experts suspect that it was not a case of accidental death because no person who is alive can put up with the pain of being burnt. The experts said that had Mimi been alive when she was burnt she would have shouted for help and someone would have heard her. 

Moreover, the body was found on the side in a room and the other things in the room were not disturbed. Experts said had the woman been alive when burnt she would have tried to rush around and the room would not have been so tidy. 

Questions that remain unanswered

  • Why was the room locked from the outside?
  • If the room was rented in the name of one Yadav, why was Mimi living in it? Why is Yadav absconding?
  • Mimi had three phones, two of which were burnt. Where is the third missing phone belonging to Mimi?
  • The house has two entry points, why did Mimi not shout for help or tried to escape from the other entry point?

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