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Thai woman found burnt in Surat: More questions emerge


Several questions remain unanswered in the case in which the burnt body of a Thai woman working in a spa in Surat was found at a residence in Bhaiya Street in Magadalla area.

Police suspect that the woman was murdered. Several questions are being raised about the incident including why the woman’s body was charred but a mattress nearby remained untouched.  Local media reports said the police is also on the lookout for a boyfriend of the woman.


What is the case?

The charred body of a Thai woman, Mimi, 27, was found at a flat in Magdalla area of Surat in Gujarat on Sunday after neighbours found smoke emanating from the flat.  The second floor flat had been rented from one Naginbhai, a local resident. The room was locked from outside.

Police suspect that since the room was locked from outside, in all probability the Thai woman was murdered. She was dropped at her place by an auto driver on Saturday night.

Some interesting aspects of the case

Local media reported that the woman had three mobile phones of which two were destroyed in the fire but one remains missing. Cops also found cash from the house and the rent agreement of the house was in the name of one Yadav who is also absconding.

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Police are trying to find out if the woman was sexually abused or not and what was used to set her afire. Media reports said a friend of Mimi had visited her and both had dinner. The friend left Mimi’s house at 10 pm.

The friend reportedly told cops that the Thai woman’s boyfriend had visited her. Locals also reportedly heard loud arguments from the flat late at night.

The police are also looking into the call details of the woman’s phone. It is suspected that she had attended a video call with a friend before she was found dead.

Questions that remain unanswered

  • Why was the room locked from the outside?
  • If the room was rented by one Yadav, why was Mimi living in it? What made Yadav abscond?
  • Where is the third missing phone belonging to Mimi?
  • The house has two entry points, why did Mimi not shout for help or tried to escape from the other entry point?

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