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Teen kidnaps 6-year-old in Ahmedabad Rural, demands Rs30 lakh ransom


A teen in Kanbha village in Ahmedabad Rural kidnapped a six-year-old and demanded Rs30 lakh in ransom. The Crime Branch has detained the teen in connection with the case.

The kidnap incident

The Ahmedabad Rural Police was informed of the kidnap of a six-year-old. Rural SP Virendra Yadav and his team managed to rescue the six-year-old and were surprised when they got hold of the kidnapper- a teen.

The teen told the cops that he alone orchestrated the kidnapping and demanded a ransom of Rs30 lakh from the child’s father.

The teen sent audio messages to the father of the child. In one message he made the child record the same asking his father to pay up or the kidnappers would harm him.

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The teen told the cops that a fortnight ago, the child’s father had slapped him. In one audio message the teen threatened to kill the child if the ransom was not paid and not to search for the child as he had his men tailing him.

The cops used technical surveillance to reach the kidnapper while the teen made a ransom call again and was still talking to the father. The teen also happened to be the neighbour of the kidnapped child.


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