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Teen found crying on road exposes prostitution ring in spas in Surat


A girl who escaped from forced sex trade has blown the lid off the forced prostitution ring being run under the guise of spa and massage parlour in Surat. The 15-year-old teen was found crying on the road and passersby informed the police.

It has emerged that the teen was taken from Vadodara by a woman named Muskan who promised to take her for a tour. She then forced her into prostitution which was being run from a massage parlour.


Umra Police official said that the teen was found while she was on her way to the Surat Railway Station. She was working at a spa that was run from Marvel Shopping Centre at Vesu VIP Road in the city.

Since she was new to the city, she stopped near the GD Goenka School while trying to locate the railway station and began crying. Passersby noticed her and informed the cops who then took her with them.

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The teen was later reunited with her parents. Her father has in a complaint named one Muskan Mohammed Dadhi Sheikh, a resident of Asad Nagar in Bhatar as the woman who took the teen with her. 

How teen was trapped in prostitution

The teen told cops that she had left her home in a fit of anger after a fight with her father.

When she was out in Vadodara, she met Muskan who brought her to Surat. She kept the teen with her for the day and the next day took her to Tamanna Massage parlour in Money Arcade Shopping Complex in Vesu area. There she was locked in a room and clients would force themselves on her.

The teen said that Muskan took her to several spas and pushed her into prostitution with her customers. The teen said she was paid Rs 300 for every client she took. Muskan took her cut too from the client. 

Some of the spas where the teen was taken for prostitution included Moksh Day Spa, Ambiz Spa, New Puja Spa, Indian Thai Spa and several others.

It is believed that several of the spas along the Vesu VIP road to Dumas Road are fronts for prostitution.

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