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Teen driver rams speeding car into two people, kills one


A speeding car driven by a teen driver ended up killing one and injuring another person early on Wednesday morning near Science City Road in Ahmedabad.

The Creta car driven by a 17-year-old hit a scooter sending the driver and a pedestrian into the air. 


The scooter driver was identified as Ram Patel, a senior citizen returning from a visit to the Swaminarayan Temple. 

The person who died in the incident was identified as Rahul Ram, a labourer who along with his wife was on foot.

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Locals have complained that the road on which the accident happened lacked a speed breaker. 

Despite several accidents and complaints, no speed breakers were put up. 

What happened

Initial reports said the car was being driven at a speed of 120km, but police are still investigating the matter. 

The injured driver Rambhai Patel was rushed to a hospital where his condition is reported to be stable.

Locals caught the teen driver. They have demanded action against the parents of the driver as he was underage and could not drive a vehicle legally.

Earlier, the city police in a separate case booked the owner of a car in a hit-and-run incident in Naroda Patiya.

It emerged that the car was driven by a teen driver when the hit-and-run happened. The car owner had given the vehicle to the teen for a spin.

He ended up hitting a senior citizen who died during treatment. The teen escaped from the spot.

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