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Teen attempts murder over Rs10 in Odhav!


For a dispute over a mere Rs10, a 17-year-old ended up attacking another with a knife. He was booked for attempt to murder.

The incident happened when a youth approached a group of men and demanded Rs10 to buy tobacco. 


When one of the men said he did not have Rs10 with him, the teen got agitated and attacked him with a knife.

Odhav police are now investigating the matter.

What the complaint states

Chirag Parmar, a resident of Odhav, had gone to meet his friends on Wednesday night. 

They had assembled at a commonplace and were talking when Amit (name changed), a teen living in the same area approached him.

Amit said he had a religious function at home and hence cannot buy intoxicants. 

He then asked Chirag to buy Rs10 worth of chewing tobacco for him.

Chirag refused as he had no money on him. 

An angry Amit left for his home and returned with a knife and proceeded to stab him thrice.

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Chirag sustained injuries on his lip, neck and stomach.

He was rushed to the Shardaben Hospital. 

His wife filed an attempt to murder case against the teen. 

Since Amit is a juvenile, he will be booked under the provisions of the Juvenile Justice Act.

Plaint against Gaurakshak for extortion 

Odhav police have registered an extortion case against two men posing as Gaurakshaks. 

Mukesh Salat, a resident of Bahiyal village in Dahegam in Gandhinagar works as a transport driver.  

On Friday, one Sharkubhai approached him to ferry seven buffaloes in his Tata 407 vehicle. 

Salat was on his way to Juhapura at 5 am when a car driver asked him to stop his vehicle near Soni Ni Chali.

They identified themselves as Gaurakshaks and said they threatened to file a case against Salat. 

They demanded Rs7000 for not filing a case.

Since Salat had only Rs200 with him, he paid up. 

But the two continued to abuse him and later called up Odhav police. The two registered a case against Salat.  

Salat was later released on bail and he told his boss about the extortion attempt. 

His boss advised him to file a complaint. 

A complaint of extortion was filed against Ashok Makwana and Pravin Jaiswal, both residents of Odhav.

The complaint states the duo harassed Salat for over 1.5 hours and filed a case against him only after they realised he cannot pay.

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