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Ahmedabad engineer sets up ‘engineer ni cha’ tea stall after failing to get a job


As COVID impacts businesses and jobs in the country, a youth in Ahmedabad has decided to set up his own business. Nothing fancy, just a roadside tea stall. So what’s in it you may ask? 

Well, the youth also happens to be an electrical engineer who decided to run a tea stall after failing to get a job post his graduation.

Meghaninagar resident Ronak Rajvanshi has opened a tea stall on the road leading from Shaibaught to Subhash Bridge. He has named his stall engineer in cha (engineer’s tea) a play on what he studied and what he is doing now.  

Why the tea stall

Ronak graduated as an engineer in 2015 and lives with his parents and younger sister. His father also runs a tea stall. He found a job that paid a mere Rs7000 per month and realised that it was not enough to help his family. He then decided to do something of his own and began a tea stall. Ronak says he has got encouragement from family and friends and the response is also great.

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Ronak believes that every honest work is worth appreciating. There is no point sitting at home waiting to get a job and it is better to start something on your own even if it is small and not what everyone would term as a fancy business proposal, he said.


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