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Tehelka founder Tarun Tejpal acquitted in rape case by Goa court


A sessions court in Goa on Friday acquitted senior journalist and founder-editor of Tehelka magazine, Tarun Tejpal, in a 2013 rape case. The court was supposed to pronounce the verdict on April 27, but judge Kshama Joshi had then adjourned the pronouncement to May 12. It was postponed again till May 19 and then on May 21.

Charges against Tarun Tejpal

Tarun Tejpalwas accused of sexually assaulting a colleague in 2013 on the sidelines of a conference at a five-star resort’s lift in Goa. The senior journalist was eventually charged with rape, sexual harassment and wrongful confinement.

The controversy related to Tejpal emerged when a series of emails in which the woman complained to her seniors at Tehelka and their responses were leaked. Tejpal stepped down as Tehelka Editor soon after, saying he was “recusing” himself for six months. He was arrested in November 2013. He has been out on bail since May 2014.

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In a 2,684-page chargesheet filed before the Goa fast-track court, the police had said there was enough evidence against him. Tejpal, however, refuted the charges.

Statement by Tarun Tejpal

Following the verdict, Tejpal’s daughter Cara read out a statement on her father’s behalf.

The statement reads, “It is with profound respect that I thank this court for its rigorous, impartial and fair trial and for its thorough examination of the CCTV footage and other empirical material on record. In November 2013, I was accused of sexual assault by a colleague. Today, the sessions court acquitted me. In all these years, several lawyers came to our aid and we owe them all a debt.”

The statement further adds, “The past seven and a half years have been traumatic for my family as we have dealt with the catastrophic fallout of these false allegations on every aspect of our public, professional and personal lives.”


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