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Tamil Nadu man breaks quarantine, runs naked, bites woman to death


A young man under home quarantine for coronavirus after return from Sri Lanka suddenly ran out of his house and fatally bit an 80-year old woman in his neighbourhood in a Tamil Nadu’s Jakkamanayakanpatti, police said.

The woman with injuries in her neck was hospitalised late Friday after the incident but died on Saturday without responding to treatment.

The man, a resident of Jakkamanayakanpatti and engaged in seasonal business in clothing, was overpowered and handed over to police, who arrested him and investigations were on.

He had recently returned from Sri Lanka and directed to remain under quarantine by health authorities as per the protocol for foreign returnees to check coronavirus spread.

He came out of his house on Friday evening and all of a sudden, denuded himself and began running through the street.

Shocked family members including his father gave a chase even as he caught hold of Nachiyammal, seated on her house’s front yard and bit hard her neck.

The man’s kin overpowered him and admitted the woman to nearby Bodi Government Hospital where doctors on Saturday said she succumbed to her injuries, not responding to treatment. Health authorities were unavailable for comments immediately.

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