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Taliban’s official websites disappear from internet


Kabul: Days after the Taliban rapidly rose to power in Afghanistan, their official websites disappeared from the internet late on Friday. The reason for this disappearance–whether it is a technical fault or a deliberate move—remains unclear.

The group has separate websites in Pashto, Dari, Arabic, Urdu and English. However, late on Friday, all these five sites could not be reached. This was first reported by the Washington Post.

Taliban-related content is already banned on social media sites Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Soon after the group took over Kabul, Facebook had said that the three platforms would not allow any content posted by them or by other users.

The pace at which the Taliban have conquered almost the whole of Afghanistan has shocked the entire world. With the fall of Kabul imminent, countries had started evacuating their citizens. US announced it would evacuate Afghan nationals who had worked for it in the past. India opened new e-visa window for Afghan nationals who wanted to enter the country.

After the takeover, the IMF blocked Taliban’s access to its resources.



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