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Many killed in protest against Taliban in Afghanistan’s Asadabad


The protest by Afghan people against the Taliban in Asadabad resulted in multiple deaths after the fighters of the terror group opened fire on people waving the national flag at an Independence Day rally. The unfortunate development comes a day after three people were killed in similar protests against the terror group. There is no clarity on whether the deaths took place due to the firing or the stampede that ensued.

The protests which also involved tearing down Taliban flags and waving Afghan flags are the first signs of opposition against the Taliban rule. Notably, the terror group took control of the country after the US and allied forces withdrew from the country in slightly over a week. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and many others like him fled the country. In fact, the terror group took over the country, mostly unopposed as Afghan forces melted without a fight.

Afghan Independence Day

Afghanistan celebrates its 1919 independence from British control on August 19. There were also protests but no reports of serious violence in the eastern city of Jalalabad and a district of Paktia province on the occasion, according to media reports.

“Hundreds of people came out on the streets,” an eye witness Mohammed Salim said. “At first I was scared and didn’t want to go but when I saw one of my neighbours joined in I took out the flag I have at home. Several people were killed and injured in the stampede and firing by the Taliban,” he added.

Support for the protests

First Vice President Amrullah Saleh, who is trying to rally opposition to the Taliban, expressed support for the protests. “Salute those who carry the national flag and thus stand for the dignity of the nation,” he said on Twitter.

Saleh said on Tuesday he was in Afghanistan and the “legitimate caretaker president” after President Ashraf Ghani fled as the Taliban took Kabul. Although the Taliban is trying to present a more sober and softer side of the terror group this time, people are worried that it would snatch away all the freedom that they enjoyed in the past two decades. Many Afghans are desperately trying to flee the country to escape from the Taliban rule.


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