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Taliban delegation meets Hamid Karzai, gives assurance of security


Kabul: A delegation of the Taliban, led by Anas Haqqani, met former Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai and others and assured them of security. Karzai has stayed back in the country, appealing to people to stay calm as he and other political leaders continue their efforts to resolve issues peacefully.

When the insurgents entered Kabul, Karzai had appealed to them and the government sources to protect the people while asking the latter to stay in their homes and remain calm. President Ashraf Ghani had already fled the country with his core team, much to the shock of the people and the negotiating teams.

On Wednesday, Anas Haqqani, who is the younger brother of Sirajuddin, the chief of the Haqqani network.

During the meeting with Karzai, Abdullah Abdullah and others, Anas assured them of security.

The Taliban have announced public amnesty for all former officials and government officials. Hence, they said, no one should leave the country.


Taliban blow up Hazara leader’s statue in Bamiyan

In a grim reminder of the detruction of the Bamiyan Buddha statues, the Taliban allegedly blew up the statue of Hazara leader Abdul Ali Mazari in Bamiyan. They had killed Mazari in 1995.

Mazari was an ethnic Hazara and prominent leader in the fight against the Taliban. He had been kidnapped and killed by them and later his body from flung from a helicopter in Ghazni.



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