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Taliban blow up explosive laden truck, 5 killed, 14 injured


Taliban blew up an explosive laden truck near a court in Gardez city in Afghanistan on Thursday, media reports said. The attack left five people dead. The attack comes close on the heels of another attack on a hospital in Kabul that killed 24 people including women and newborn babies. Taliban took responsibility for the attack on Thursday.

Officials said the attack was carried out by a truck packed with explosives. Fourteen people have been injured in the incident. On Tuesday a suicide blast claimed by the Islamic State at a funeral Nangahar, the same day that the hospital attack took place, killed 32 people.

President Ashraf Ghani condemned the attacks and said that the military will start an offensive against the attackers, international media agencies said. Afghanistan had toned down its response against the Taliban after the United States withdrew troops and brokered a peace deal with the Taliban.

The Taliban had earlier denied the hospital attack but the Afghan government has said that it encourages groups that indulge in terrorism.