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Over 150, mostly Indians, ‘abducted’ by Taliban; released after questioning


New Delhi: Over 150 persons, mostly Indians, were picked up by the Taliban when they were waiting for an evacuation flight outside the Kabul airport on Saturday morning, a top government source was quoted as having said. Later reports by sources said that they have been released after questioning and are back at Kabul airport.

The sources said that talks were on to secure their release.

Local news organizations had reported about the abduction of more than 150 individuals, including Indians. However, the Taliban rejected the claim.

Just before that, around 85 Indians had been evacuated from Kabul by an Indian Air Force aircraft which landed safely in Tajikistan.

Sources say a second aircraft has been kept on standby in India for further evacuations.

The Indian embassy staff has been evacuated but according to reports, around 1,000 citizens are stuck in different cities of Afghanistan. Since not everyone has registered themselves with the embassy, tracking them was proving to be difficult.

The Taliban has recently assured that evacuation of diplomats and embassy staff by India is not needed and that the country need not fear for their safety. However, shrouding these assurances are reports of the Taliban ransacking Indian consulates and taking away documents and vehicles.



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