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First Swaminarayan Temple in East Africa takes shape


A brick donated by the Vadtal Swaminarayan Temple for the foundation stone laying ceremony of the temple in East Africa was put to use for the construction of the same.

The temple coming up in East Africa is the first such Swaminarayan temple in the region. The brick was donated by the Vadtal temple in Gujarat during the Kartiki Samaiya.

To ensure that the Vadtal Swaminarayan Temple takes shape in East Africa, Acharya Maharaj Chairman Devprakash Swami, Sant Swami, Shukradev Prasad Swami, and Vishwavallabh Swami Parshad Paresh Bhagat had twice taken a religious tour of the region.

Devotees like Kanjibhai Varsani also did their best to get the structure constructed and as a result, the project is finally materializing with the foundation stone laying ceremony.

The temple is expected to be constructed in a year or two. Apart from the temple, it will also have parking facilities, dining halls, a place for youth activities among others.

Those who put in efforts to get the project going include Vadtal’s Acharya Rakeshprasadji Maharaj, devotees like KK Vasani from Kutch, Paresh Patel from Vadtal and Mahewad, Prathmesh Patel from Naar, Harjibhai Raghvani, Chandresh Babariaa, Furjibhai Patel, Kantibhai, Devashibhai, Shivjibhai among others.


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