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SVP hospital offers biscuits past expiry date to blood donor!


Blood donors who went to the blood bank at SVP Hospital were in for a shock when they were handed over biscuits that were past the expiry dates. The SVP Hospital is a major COVID-19 care centre in Ahmedabad.

The blood donors were given Frooti, wafers and Parle- G biscuits after the blood donation. The biscuits tasted strange and hence a donor checked the details of the same. He found that the biscuits were way past their expiry date. 


The donor informed the blood bank staff who removed the biscuits that were not consumable. The blood donors made a video of the expired products before they could be destroyed.

How the matter at SVP Hospital came to light

Wasim Taiyyab Chauhan, a resident of Ramol, had gone to the blood bank at SVP Hospital to donate blood for his relative who needed the same.

The blood bank is on the 10th floor of the hospital. Chauhan had been there last Thursday.  As is the norm, every blood donor was given biscuits, wafers and cold drinks to help them stabilise and to ensure that they don’t feel weak. 

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Chauhan felt that the Parle G biscuit given to him tasted funny and so checked the manufacturing and expiry date of the product. 

The manufacturing date was February 2020 and the product had an expiry date of five months from the date of manufacturing. It was obvious that Chauhan who was donating blood in September was given a biscuit which was long past its expiry date. 

Chauhan pointed it out to the staff who destroyed the batch of biscuits. It also begets the question of whether the hospital had been offering biscuits past its expiry date to all the blood donors so far. It is also not known if the hospital has ordered an inquiry into the incident.

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