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SVP hosp mgmt issues notice to contract company that had announced pay cuts


The management of the SVP Hospital has issued a notice to the company, Updater Service Pvt Ltd, which had contracted the services of nurses, technicians and others at the hospital, media reports said. The staff of the contract company had gone on an impromptu strike after they were informed by mail that there will be a 20% deduction in their pay. The management had to intervene and promise that the salary will not only not be cut but that those who opt for COVID-19 duty will also be paid additional under the Epidemic Act. They were also promised that they will be given a place to stay too.

It was only after the intervention of the management and a promise in writing that the nurses and other staff had withdrawn the strike. The management has asked the company to respond within a day, reports said. The notice has also stated that it wants to know why the hospital management was kept in the dark about the pay cut of the staff.

The notice said that the company’s employees desisted from work on June 8 as a result of which the patients and the hospitals were taken by surprise. The management had to intervene and force the company to withdraw the salary cut email and instead offer a hike. The management has in the notice said that the company has acted negligently by announcing pay cuts in such times and sought to know from them why action should not be taken against them under the Epidemic Act and why it should not seek compensation from the company, the report said.

The notice also states in no uncertain terms that the company needs to ensure that the incident is not repeated. Earlier, the staff at SVP had to go on strike demanding masks and PPE kits too.