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Surat’s Siddhi climbs into record book with 6ft tall plastic glass pyramid


A student in Surat has gained entry into the India Book of Records by making a 6ft tall pyramid of plastic glasses. The student, Siddhi Patel, used 210 plastic glasses and set them atop each other to make the pyramid that was 72 inches tall.

It took the class six student six months of practice to ensure that she could make the 6ft tall pyramid without toppling it. Siddhi said while the result may look like it was a cakewalk, the actual work of building the pyramid out of plastic cups is very difficult.


“It needs focus, determination and extreme concentration. And you also need to learn to control your breath or your hard work will come toppling down literally,” said Siddhi.

How she achieved it

In all, she made 23 floors of the pyramid. She said initially she would reach a certain height and a slight breeze would topple everything. Even when she switched off the fan and shut the windows, her breathing would affect the stability of the pyramid sending it crashing.

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She said many times the mere fact that someone passed by the structure in making would end up destroying it. Siddhi said since plastic glasses are extremely light in weight too many factors worked against building the pyramid.

It took the 11-year-old several months of micro observation to list down the factors that would send the pyramid crashing. Siddhi also learned breathing control to ensure that her breath did not affect the balance of the pyramid as she built it.

Parents encouraged her

Tarun Patel, her father said that they backed her daughter in her endeavour and was there when she built the structure to set the new record.

Tarun said they have spent hours in a room without light and fan so as not to disturb the structure. Her mother said they had observed that Siddhi was capable of extreme focus and hence they would give her several tasks and once she had made a pyramid of cards too.

That is when the parents suggested she make a pyramid of plastic glasses. Initially, she made the pyramid of 100 to 150 glasses but eventually, they gave her a challenge of 200 glasses so that the record would not be easily broken.

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