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Surat’s Kartik Jivani, training for IPS, is Gujarat UPSC topper

  • Kartik Jivani attempted the UPSC exams thrice, and topped in Gujarat twice.
  • In 2019, he was one mark and two ranks short of making it to the IAS.
  • He decided to attempt it a third time despite making it as an IPS officer

Surat’s Kartik Jivani an IPS officer under training has topped the UPSC merit list in Gujarat.

He has scored an All India Rank of 84 in the UPSC exam in the country.


Jivani who aspired to be an IAS officer has appeared for the UPSC exams thrice.

In 2017, he failed to clear it while in 2019 he had an All India Rank of 94.

Unfortunately, the rank was not high enough for him to make it to the IAS cadre.

He was selected for the IPS and was under training when he appeared again in 2020. This time he made it to the IAS cadre.

He was ranked first in the state in 2019 too during his second shot at UPSC. This means Kartik has topped the UPSC in Gujarat twice now.


Kartik did his primary schooling in Gujarati medium and then went on to do his B.Tech from IIT Mumbai. 

Kartik says he was inspired by former Surat Municipal Commissioner  S R Rao and always wanted to be an IAS officer.  This is why he attempted UPSC for a third time despite making it to the IPS.

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Kartik says he is proud and elated by the result. 

“I was unsuccessful in the first attempt and after the second one, I was short of one mark and two ranks to make it to the IAS-cadre,” said Kartik

He said he tapped into several resources while being trained for IPS in Hyderabad to improve his performance in UPSC.

His inspiration

As to why he was determined to be an IAS officer, Kartik says he was born in 1994 when Surat was battling the plague. 

His father Dr Nagjibhai Jivani runs a laboratory in Surat. 

In 1994, his parents struggled to get a facility to help his mother deliver a child. 

“After the plague in Surat, the city that was known for its unhygienic condition became one of the cleanest cities,” said Kartik. 

He said he had heard tales of how the then Surat Municipal Commissioner SR Rao was instrumental in the turnaround.

Kartik said the story inspired him and showed him what a determined official could do for the betterment of people and a city. 

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