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Surat’s Chuni Gajera accused of outraging modesty of teacher

  • Chuni Gajera is the trustee of Global School and is into diamond and realty sector
  • A teacher from his school has accused him of outraging her modesty 

Chuni Gajera, well-known Surat industrialist,  has been accused of outraging the modesty of a woman. A complaint was filed by a teacher of Global School in Surat where Gajera is the trustee.

Gajera is into diamond and realty business. As per the complaint the incident happened between September 15, 2018, and March 2019.


She said Gajera began messaging her after a fashion show was organised in the school. A well-known celebrity was called and the teacher had accompanied them on stage. She says that is when Gajera first noticed her. Since then he began messaging her.

Initially, the messages were harmless. Later on, the messages turned dirty including some indecent pictures. She said she then began to keep a record of the indecent pictures being sent to her. The woman said she initially tried to dissuade him and also threatened that she would go to the police but to no avail.

Complainant was fired from job

The complainant said later one day on March 27, the principal fired her from her job stating that she was not compatible with the thought process of the school and Chuni Gajera.  

She said she was then called to Chuni Gajera’s diamond business office on a holiday. He offered her tea, seated her on a sofa and stood before her with his pant unzipped showing his private parts. He also asked the peon not to send anyone in. The women said she got scared and began to get out of the room when Gajera allegedly tried to grab her but she managed to escape.

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She said she approached the police commissioner with proof of the pictures and messages allegedly sent by Gajera. She was sent to the police station and her mobile was seized as evidence but her mobile disappeared after it was given to the cops.

HC asked cops to register a case

She said she wrote to the Chief Minister and the Prime Minister. She also approached the Gujarat High Court and the court directed the cops to take her complaint.

ACP SM Patel said that a teacher of Global Gajera School in Adajan has accused Chuni Gajera of outraging her modesty. He said she has accused him of eve-teasing and constantly sending indecent messages and pictures. The complaint states that she was constantly harassed for three months while at work and even when she was off duty. 

Adajan police have filed a complaint and are investigating the matter. As now her mobile has been seized which will be sent to FSL.

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