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Surat man looks for 7th wife after sixth refused him sex!


A 63-year-old in Surat is looking to marry a seventh time after his sixth wife refused to have physical relations with him.

As per local media reports, the farmer identified as Ayyub Degiya got married for a sixth time during the COVID pandemic in September. He was reportedly lonely then and hence got married to a widow. His wife was 21 years younger than him and the couple separated in December 2020 as she refused to have sex with him.

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The farmer suffers from diabetes, heart disease, and other ailments but told the media that he was looking for a seventh wife as his last one was not interested in conjugal relations.

His first wife with whom he has five children who live in the same village. All his children are now adults.

Degia was also booked in a case after his sixth wife filed a case against him. She has accused him of hiding his earlier marriages. She has alleged that he has a habit of getting into a relation with women for a few months and then abandoning them.


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