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Surat man files theft case after mop valued at Rs150 gets stolen!


When a man’s mop got stolen in Surat, he decided not to mop around but get the cops into action against the theft. He filed an FIR with the Surat Police so that they can get on the trail of the mop thieves.

The case also stands out because Surat’s Janakbhai managed to prevail upon the cops to get his FIR registered when police are notorious for reluctance in filing a complaint running into lakhs of rupees.


Janak Bhalada, a resident of Saurashtra Palace in Utran area that falls under Sarthana Police station approached the police after a mop valued at Rs150 got stolen from his office.  Janak has an office at Sahjanand Business Hub.

How the mop theft was executed 

In his complaint, Janak said that the mop had been placed outside the glass partition of his office. On a fateful day on September 4, his brother-in-law had locked the office and gone out.

On his return, he found that the mop that had been placed outside the partition door was missing. He looked for the mop everywhere and initial investigations revealed some scoundrels had pocketed the mop.

Janak checked the CCTV footage and discovered that two women on a moped had taken his mop. Determined to catch the thieves, Janak filed an FIR.

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As to why he chose to file a complaint when the mop could be easily replaced, Bhadala said theft is theft irrespective of the value of what is stolen.

“Many people get their valuables stolen but fail to register the complaint as they don’t want to do the rounds of the police station. The police themselves are reluctant to file the complaint,” said Janak.

He said it is a matter of principle and it is important that the thief is caught irrespective of the value of the goods stolen.

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