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Surat-Kolkata IndiGo flight makes emergency landing in Bhopal


An IndiGo Airlines flight carrying 172 passengers from Gujarat’s Surat to West Bengal’s Kolkata had to make an emergency landing in Madhya Pradesh’s Bhopal on Sunday. The plane made an emergency landing due to a technical glitch, according to officials.

Bhopal’s Raja Bhoj Airport director Anil Vikram said that the IndiGo flight had to make an emergency landing just after 12 pm. As per a news agency, the pilot decided to make an emergency landing after smelling a foul odour. The aircraft is being inspected at Bhopal airport.

Anil Vikram said, “The IndiGo Airlines flight from Surat to Kolkata carrying 172 passengers made an emergency landing at 12.04 pm on Sunday. The landing was safe. The pilot informed the ATC (Air Traffic Controller) about the technical glitch and made an emergency landing safely.”

Plane arrived from Nagpur

Of the 172 passengers that were aboard the flight, 19 had to travel to Guwahati and Amritsar from Kolkata. These passengers were sent to Bengaluru by flight to help them get connecting flights to their destinations, he said.

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“For the remaining passengers, a plane came from Nagpur, which took them to Kolkata,” the airport director said.

SpiceJet flight made emergency landing

Earlier this week, a SpiceJet plane from Odisha with over 50 passengers on board made an emergency landing at the Kolkata airport on January 11 evening following a “cabin pressure” issue.

The airline said the aircraft, which had taken off from Jharsuguda airport in Odisha, landed safely, and no passenger or crew discomfort was reported.

The company, in a statement, said, “While passing FL220 (meaning an altitude of 22,000 feet), the cabin pressure warning came on. As a precautionary measure, the crew requested emergency descent to ATC (air traffic control) and the same was approved.”

It was a 78 seater plane with 54 passengers on board. The same plane had come to Jharsuguda from Kolkata with 74 passengers and it was a return flight.


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