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ACB books Surat cop for demanding Rs2.5 lakh bribe in rape case


A case of corruption has been filed against a cop in Surat who demanded Rs2.5 lakh as a bribe in connection with a rape case.

Interestingly, the cop realised that the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) had set a trap for him and instead of accepting the bribe he fled from the scene.

What is the case

Police Sub Inspector (PSI) SS Gadhvi, was in-charge of an investigation in the rape case registered with the Chowk Bazaar police station in Surat.

Gadhvi had sought Rs2.5 lakh as bribe from a man to not oppose his father’s anticipatory bail plea in a rape case.

The man then approached the ACB complaining about Gadhvi.

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Gadhvi had demanded Rs2 lakh to paid while he prepared the affidavit that favoured an anticipatory bail for the accused in the rape case and Rs50,000 after he received an anticipatory bail plea.

The Surat rural ACB where the complaint against Gadhvi was registered laid a trap for the cop on September 5, 2020.

But during the trap, Gadhvi suspected something and did not accept the bribe. 

The ACB then registered a case of failed trap and the officials of ACB Ahmedabad were asked to investigate the case.

Investigations found that the cop had indeed asked for Rs2.5 lakh bribe and they found documentary and an electronic trail of the same. After this, a complaint was registered against Gahdvi.

Other cops who took bribe in rape cases

Earlier the ACB had arrested Shweta Jadeja, PSI of Mahila police station in Ahmedabad for seeking bribe from the managing director of GSP Crop Science Private Limited, an accused in a rape case. Jadeja was the investigating officer in the case. She had sought the money to not charge him under the PASA Act.

Jadeja had allegedly demanded Rs 35 lakh from the accused of which he had already paid Rs20 lakh. 

The rape complaint against the director was filed by a female employee of his company in the year 2017. 


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