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Surat constable Sunita Yadav says she has resigned


Surat police constable Sunita Yadav, who stopped a minister’s son and his friends for violating curfew and COVID-19 norms, said that she has resigned from the force.

Earlier Yadav in a FB Live post said that she had conveyed her resignation through phone but had not given it in writing.

On Wednesday, Sunita Yadav told news channels that she has resigned from the service.

Media reports quoted senior officials as saying that Yadav has not resigned and that technically she can’t do it as she is still part of the inquiry.

The Minister of State for Health Kishor Kanani’s son, Prakash Kanani, was later arrested in connection with the case. Kishor Kanani is a BJP MLA from Varachha area of Surat.

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Prakash Kanani and his friends were arrested on Sunday for allegedly violating the lockdown and night curfew orders in Surat.

“I have resigned because I did not get support from my superior officers. I was only doing my duty as a constable. It is the fault of our system that these people think of themselves as VVIPs,” Sunita Yadav said.

A video of Sunita Yadav having a heated exchange with Prakash Kanani and his friends had gone viral. Yadav was also dubbed as ‘Lady Singham’ by many social media users.

#i_support_sunita_yadav” also began to trend on Twitter after the news of the confrontation spread.