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Success of NEP will depend on its implementation


Doe Zantamata once said, “Knowledge is like paint, it does no good until it is applied.” We do not want to discuss the points of the National Education Policy (NEP) of 2020. That is quite self-explanatory in the policy.

The policy and its vision are quite well thought of and deeply meaningful, but like all policies are, this one also is a little difficult to put into practice.

For instance, the government’s plan to devise material to home school a child before she enters into preschool is highly appropriate. But, will every parent be able to pull that off? Will every parent be willing to invest that much time and energy?

The best part is where they say that basic, diploma and degree certificates will be awarded at the completion of 1, 2 and 4 years, respectively. That would again mean that the syllabus of these degree courses has to be redefined to meet the need of the hour.

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For this very purpose, the idea of introducing vocational programmes in high school seems lucrative. It will help the youth to develop a level of self-confidence and also be useful for students who are not academically inclined (yes we all are aware of the current generation’s philosophy).

Aptitude tests should be introduced early and also at multiple stages in a student’s academic career to help her choose wisely.

As far as the selection of a mixed bag of subjects is concerned, the idea is very appealing. We should have anyway done away with these ‘subject labels’ long ago. Logistically, it may become a little difficult to manage for any institution, but nobody said 2020 was going to be an easy year anyway.

Lastly, the teacher-training program is a big concern. How, how soon, by whom and on what scale will the teachers and the educational institutions of the nation be trained to execute this master plan? There should be a policy about that first otherwise effective implementation of the new National Education Policy seems like a far-fetched dream. But we must appreciate the government for this leap of faith.


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