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Statue of Unity too gets caught in boycott Chinese product campaign


Vishal Mistry, Rajpipla: The India-China standoff and the resultant death of 20 jawans in the clash has resulted in Indians joining the boycott Chinese products bandwagon. This boycott call has gained momentum in social media with even Chinese software not being spared. But now a campaign has also begun that states ‘Boycott Made in China State of Unity’ and several fans of Sardar Patel are annoyed with the same. A post that has been going viral is of people promising  never to visit the Statue of Unity (SOU) as it is Made in China and asking others to share the pledge if they agree.

What is the Made in China aspect of SOU?

The matter goes back to the time when the SOU was still in the initial stages of construction. Political advisor to Sonai Gandhi, Ahmed Patel had at that time tweeted that the SOU was being built by Chinese company and hence it is Made in China. The media soon latched on to it and photos of Chinese workers at the construction sites also became viral. The issue has come back to the fore as Indians give a call to boycott Chinese products. The then BJP government of Narendra Modi had dismissed the allegation but the Opposition had continued to attack the government on the same.

BTP MLA Chotubhai Vasava also said Sardar’s statue should go

Some days ago the Adivasis living in and around SOU had approached BTP MLA Chottubhai Vasava with their problems, most of which was about the land dispute related to SOU. The MLA had later told a news channel that the Statue of Sardar that was made by Chinese should actually go if the country truly wants to oppose Chinese products and that is the way to save the tribals too.

SOU boycott call has angered considerable section of Indians 

The boycott SOU call due to its Made in China link has not gone down well with fans of Sardar Patel and even a considerable section of Indians. They believe that the SOU has put India and Narmada district on the world tourism map and it has provided livelihood to the locals and hence opposing it is not right. They also believe that the tribals need to be paid just compensation for their land and the authorities need to ensure that the dispute with tribals is also resolved within the ambit of the law.