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Spy’ pigeon set free after cops could not prove ‘suspicious’ activity


A pigeon suspected to be a spy for Pakistan has been set free. The bird was caught by the Jammu & Kashmir police on the suspicion that it was a spy bird for Pakistan. But now that nothing suspicious has been found, the bird has been set free, media reports said.

Cops have also failed to ascertain if the bird was from India or Pakistan. The bird was caught early this week from the Manyari area near Kathua close to the international border. It had a ring on its legs and this raised the suspicion of locals who caught it and handed it over to the cops.

The bird was later examined by veterinary doctors. The police also fed the bird while it was in its custody. The ring also had a number inscribed in it and it led the police to suspect that perhaps it was a coded message.

Earlier one Habibullah, a resident of Sialkot in Pakistan had claimed that the pigeon belonged to him. The man also released a video message stating that on Eid his birds had taken flight and one of them ended up crossing the border. “I love this bird and please set him free. They don’t understand borders and are innocent. The numbers on its ring are not codes but my mobile number that I have put out on all my pigeons so that in case someone catches the bird they can return it to me,” he said in the video message, quoted by the media. The message also appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Indian government to set his pigeon free.