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Spain: Submarine carrying 3 tonne cocaine seized


Madrid, Spain: Police in Spain have seized a submarine loaded with cocaine off the coast of the north western region of Galicia which arrived from South America, officials said Monday, 25 November. The submarine was carrying three tonnes of cocaine, worth approximately 100 million euros (785 crores), has been intercepted after an international operation off the coast of Spain.

The vessel ran aground in waters off Galicia in north western Spain while carrying the “high-quality” illicit cargo on Sunday, police said. Spanish media report that the submarine was from Colombia and police are trying to work out whether it sailed all the way from South America with the drugs. Narco-subs have been used to smuggle drugs from Latin America into the US.

Drug traffickers have been caught using submarines to transport cocaine into the United States, including twice this year – once in June and again in September. The vessels are not believed to be as common in Europe, however. They are expensive to build and must be constructed in remote areas like the jungle to avoid detection. Once in the water, they are tough to detect without any prior intelligence or aircraft that spot them from above, Brickey said. “They blend in,” he said. “Most of the vessel is underwater, so it’s hard to pick out.”

The semi-submersible was seized on Sunday off the coast of Aldán, south-west of the city of Pontevedra.