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Spa centre raid: 12 arrested for pushing teen into prostitution


The Surat police have arrested 12 people in connection with the kidnap of a teen from Vadodara who was later pushed into prostitution being run under the guise of a spa. The police arrested the 12 after a spa centre raid.

Among those arrested are Muskan Sheikh and three other women all of whom run a spa in Surat. Umra Police who made the arrest said that Puja Singh and Pramod believed to be the kingpin behind the kidnap and prostitution ring are still on the run.

How the matter came to light

The lid was blown off the prostitution ring when a teen escaped from the brothel and was found crying near the GD Goenka School. The teen who originally belonged to Vadodara was trying to get to the railway station in Surat but since she did not know the way she got lost and was found crying near the school by the locals. The locals then informed the police.

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The teen told the cops that she was brought to Surat by one Muskan Sheikh who then pushed her into prostitution. The prostitution business was run from a spa operating from Marvel Shopping Centre near Vesu VIP road. She also said that she was taken to several other spas in the same area to meet different clients. This forced the police to carry out a spa centre raid.

Who is behind the prostitution ring?

Further investigations revealed that one Pramod was the main mastermind who runs three different spas. He owned Ambiz Spa, Indian Thai Spa in Vesu and one Moksh Day Spa near Canal Road.

Cops believe Pramod is the pimp for the girls who were forced into prostitution. It is suspected that Pramod supplied over 40 girls to the spas and would charge customers anywhere between Rs500 to Rs3000. A small percentage of it was given to the girls.

Sources in the know said many of the spa owners rent out the place for double the price and so many times shop owners themselves turn a blind eye to what is happening in their establishment.

Who was arrested?

The arrested have been identified as Farida alias Muskan Sheikh, Sangeeta Ghosh, owner of Tamanna Spa and Kunda Akhade, owner of Moksh Day Spa.

Ramanuj Jaiwals, owner of Jimmi Spa and Harshada Raut of Sakhi Spa was also among those arrested.

Roshan Singh who is the manager of New Model Spa, Anuj Yadav manager of Tiya Spa, Mamina Mandal owner of Sweet Royal Spa were also held.

The rest have been identified as Rajendra Fanojiya owner of RK Spa, Amit Ravindrasinh owner of New Puja Spa and Ramlakhan Singh, manager of New Puja Spa.

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