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Skeleton recovered from Khatodara police campus in Surat


A skeleton was recovered from the Khatodara police station campus in Surat in what appears to be a crime inspired by the movie Drishyam. The Ajay Devgan starrer had a storyline that revolved around a youth whose body was buried under a police station and never recovered.

The skeleton was recovered when the cops undertook a cleaning campaign on the campus particularly where the seized vehicles had been kept. When the vehicles were removed for cleaning purposes, the bones were found. The bones were found under two autorickshaws when the vehicles were moved by a crane.

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The laborers who found the bones informed the cops about the same. The skeleton was missing the rib cage though. Police have also sent the skeletons to the FSL. Since the skeleton is estimated to be more than 4 years old, a post-mortem is not possible, police said.

Police are further investigating the matter.


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