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Sikh leader abducted by terrorists released: Union government


Nidan Singh Sachdeva, a Sikh community leader of Afghanistan who was kidnapped in Paktia province last month, was released from captivity on Saturday, the Ministry of External Affairs said.

“We convey our appreciation to the government of Afghanistan and tribal elders from the area, whose efforts secured the return of Nidan Singh,” it said.

In a statement, the MEA said the “targeting and persecution” of minority community members by terrorists at the behest of their external supporters remains a matter of grave concern.

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“In a recent decision, India has decided to facilitate the return of Afghan Hindu and Sikh community members facing security threats in Afghanistan to India,” it said.

Sachdeva, a leader of the Hindu and Sikh Community of Afghanistan, was kidnapped in Chamkani district of Paktia province on June 22.

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