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Shweta Jadeja in making? Another cop accused of seeking Rs1 cr bribe for not filing rape case


After the Shweta Jadeja case, one more case has emerged in which a builder has accused a cop of extorting money from him in connection with a rape case.

Builder Sunil Dhirubhai Bhandari has sent a letter by post to the police commissioner accusing Krushnanagar police inspector and his middleman of demanding Rs1 crore in bribe.


Interestingly, the day the letter was sent, the same day the inspector arrested Bhandari in connection with the rape case.

What is the case

 A woman (Payal, name changed) filed a complaint on August 19 with the Krushnanagar police station accusing Bhandari and three others of threatening to rape and kill her.  The rape complaint came after Bhandari’s wife Bhumika filed a case of land grab against some men including Payal’s husband.

 Bhandari in his letter to the police commissioner alleged that Krushnanagar police inspector JA Rathod, his alleged middleman Krupalsinh demanded money from him. He said they were colluding with Payal and her husband.

 Bhandari alleges in the letter that when he went to meet Rathod regarding the case, the cop demanded Rs1 crore as bribe stating he had to share it with the Police Commissioner and the DCP.

 The cop later allegedly agreed to Rs70 lakh as bribe. Rathod and his middleman Krupalsinh took Rs45 lakh as part payment from Bhandari. This payment was made in the D-mart lane in the area. 

What happened after alleged bribe was paid

 The letter said since the Rs45 lakh was paid, the cop had been pressuring him to pay the rest Rs25 lakh. He said the cop did not act on the land grab complaint by the builder’s wife and even let Payal’s husband go after detaining him.

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 What builder’s wife said

 The builder’s wife Bhumika has said that Payal had earlier filed a similar complaint against Bhandari in 2019 but the parties had reached a compromise. Bhumika said the inspector knew about the earlier case and was hand in glove with Payal and her husband to extort money from her husband.

Bhumika said the cop not only wanted more money but also wanted them to give him land. She said this was why her husband was forced to write a letter to the police commissioner. He was arrested the same day he posted the letter. She said earlier too Payal had extorted Rs35 lakh in an earlier case. 

She alleged that Rathod had opened the same old complaint and this time turned it into a rape complaint. Sector 2 Additional CP, Gautam Parmar said that he is aware of the allegations but has so far not received the complaint made by Bhandari accusing inspector Rathod and others. 

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