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Karnataka BJP MLA Shrimant Patil says he was offered cash to join party, backtracks later


Bengaluru: In a major embarrassment to the BJP, its MLA in Karnataka Shrimant Patil claimed that he had been offered cash by the saffron party to join it. Patil was the Congress MLA at that time and was part of the Congress-JDS government that had collapsed in 2019.

Shrimant Patil resigned from his seat, Kagwad, as Congress MLA. He later won the by-elections and was made minister in the BS Yeddiyurappa government. However, he was dropped when the new Cabinet was formed recently.

On Saturday, Shrimant Patil was quoted as having said, “They asked me how much money I wanted, but I refused the money and asked them to give me a good position after the government is formed. I have joined the BJP without taking money. Now, they have promised to consider my name when there will be a cabinet expansion”

“I do not know why I was not given a ministership in the present government. But I have been promised that I will get a minister’s post in the next expansion. I had a word with Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai,” he said.

However, later on Sunday, he made a U-turn, calling it a wrong choice of words. He claimed he had joined BJP voluntarily and had not been offered any money.

“They didn’t offer me money. It was the wrong use of words. No one tried to lure me. I voluntarily came to BJP because of my principles,” he said.

Calling for investigation into Shrimant Patil’s earlier statement, DK Shivakumar tweeted, “Sri Shrimant Patil has spoken the truth. The BJP had indeed attempted to lure Sri Shrimant Patil, a former minister using Operation Kamala. I congratulate him for speaking up on this matter. The ACB must immediately investigate this and take action against those who subvert.”


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