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Shrey Hospital Fire: Trustee Bharat Mahant booked in case


A complaint has been filed against trustee Bharat Mahant in connection with the Shrey Hospital Fire. Eight people under treatment for COVID-19 were killed after a fire in the ICU of the hospital on the fourth floor. The hospital was a dedicated COVID-19 facility.

Earlier after the fire, the trustee Mahant, who is also associated with the BJP, was taken in for questioning. Sources said a complaint was registered against the trustee after a two-member committee set up by the Gujarat government submitted its report.


The committee was made up of IAS officers Sangeeta Singh and Mukesh Puri. The two-member team had based its report on the conclusion by FSL, visit to the site of the accident, police inquiry as well as a report by the fire officials. 

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Among other things, the report allegedly called out the irresponsible behaviour on the part of the Shrey Hospital trustees. Following the report, the government asked the police to file a complaint against the trustees. 

Sources said the complaint against Mahant was filed late in the night on Monday at Navrangpura police station.

 What did the report say about Shrey Hospital

Sources in the know said that the report submitted to the government about the incident mentions that the hospital had not renewed its fire NOC. 

It also said that the hospital did not have a fire safety system in place and that it only had a few fire extinguishers. 

It also lacked ventilation. It has emerged that the fire extinguishers were in the godown of the hospital and not in various rooms of the hospital. Sources said the report said the windows of the ICU were also bolted which prevented the smoke from escaping thus aggravating the situation.

Earlier cops had said that the hospital did not have a fire alarm. Had an alarm been in place more people could have been alerted and rescue efforts improved. 

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