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Shrey Hospital Fire: Crematorium certificate says COVID-19 is cause of death!


Eight people died in a fire at the ICU of Shrey Hospital in the city on Thursday early morning. 

Yet, the Dudheshwar Crematorium, where some of the deceased were cremated, wrote COVID-19 as the cause of death in the death certificate!


The death certificate that mentions COVID-19 as the cause of death and not a fire has gone viral on social media with many questioning if it is a deliberate attempt or not.

Many netizens have also pointed to the insensitivity of the civic body which through its careless attitude is forcing the kin of the deceased to do the rounds of AMC office. 

It should be noted that family members will need to get the cause of death corrected to avoid any future complications or to claim any settlements.

Death certificate viral on social media

The particular death certificate that has gone viral is of an 80-year-old woman who was under treatment for COVID-19 at the Shrey Hospital. 

When the ICU caught fire, the woman was among the eight people who died in the incident. 

Her body was sent to the Civil Hospital for post-mortem and later she was cremated at the AMC run crematorium in Dudheshwar.

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The receipt that confirms the cremation mentions the place of death as Shrey Hospital but the cause of death as COVID-19. 

Interestingly, the death certificate issued by the Civil Hospital following the post-mortem mentions the cause of death as fire.

The difference in the cause of death from the crematorium as well as the hospital is likely to create trouble for family members who may want to put forth insurance claims and such. 

 What caused the fire

As of now, short-circuit is believed to be the cause of the fire at Shrey Hospital. 

But it has also emerged that the hospital was functioning without a NOC from the fire department and that it did not have fire safety in place for the hospital. 

The fourth floor of the hospital was also illegally constructed before it was regularised through the Impact Fee Rule.

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