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Shrey Hospital did not have mandatory fire NOC: Sources



  • Hospital also lacked fire safety equipment
  • It failed to maintain whatever equipment it had

Shrey Hospital, where eight COVID-19 patients died following a fire, was operating without a mandatory No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Fire Department, sources in the know revealed. 

The revelation has raised many questions as to how did the AMC allow the hospital to function without a fire NOC. 


Also, it begs the question as to why AMC declared the hospital as a COVID-19 facility when it did not have the mandatory clearance.

A fire in the fourth floor of the ICU unit of the hospital left eight COVID-19 patients dead. 

The rest of the patients were later shifted to SVP Hospital.

Several other failures

 Initial investigations have revealed that Shrey Hospital was functioning without fire safety and that no maintenance of the electric wiring had been carried out in quite some time.

It is suspected that this could be behind the short circuit that led to the fire at the hospital.

It has also emerged that proper maintenance of fire safety equipment was also not carried out.  

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The probe also revealed that the hospital had just 3 fire extinguishers to fight the fire.

Media reports also said that the hospital had constructed an additional floor illegally and the canteen was also being run illegally. 

However, there was no confirmation of the same from the AMC authorities.

Police have detained the owner Bharat Mahant and his questioning continues.

Sources said police will register a case against the accused after a report by the FSL and the fire department. 

As of now a case of accident has been registered.

 Two-member team visits hospital

 Meanwhile, a two-member team set up by the Gujarat government to look into the incident also visited the hospital to collect details of the fire.

The probe has revealed that the hospital was run through trust and apart from Bharat Mahant, it also had Tarang Patel, Kirtipal Visana, and Bhargav Maharaj as the trustees.

Of the four trustees, one is under treatment for COVID-19 while other is battling cancer.

 The Crime Branch is also investigating the matter. 

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