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Shiv Sena takes a dig at Congress, Rahul Gandhi—Here’s why


Congress ally in Maharashtra, Shiv Sena, has taken a dig at Rahul Gandhi for criticising Prime Minister Narendra Modi only on social media. Shiv Sena has also criticised the Gandhi scion for having failed to bring the Opposition together.

In an editorial published in Saamana, the mouthpiece of Shiv Sena, the party said that Congress had failed to utilise the opportunity when there is growing discontent against the BJP. “It is true that Rahul Gandhi is attacking PM Modi’s working methods, his mistakes, but he is attacking on Twitter. As soon as the central government realised that Twitter is not working in their favour, they started taking action against it,” said the Sena editorial.

“PM Modi’s body language seems to have changed now and it is clear that the overall situation of the country is not good and we are not in control. Despite the anger and discontentment among people, the BJP is confident that their government is not in danger. This is due to a weak and disintegrated opposition party,” the editorial said.

“The popularity of Prime Minister Modi and his government is not the same as before. It has collapsed, but the current Opposition does not seem to be growing or taking root in that collapsed space. Opposition parties have won elections in some states. The tide of victory was flowing,” said the Saamana editorial.

Absence in Opposition meet

Commenting on Congress’s absence in the recently held meeting of opposition parties at Sharad Pawar’s residence, the editorial said, “The Congress party did not give importance to ‘Rashtramanch’. If Rahul Gandhi had gathered the Opposition in Delhi as Sharad Pawar did on Tuesday, the Opposition would have been stronger.”

The Sena has further said that NCP supremo Sharad Pawar can bring all Opposition parties together, but the question of leadership remains.

“Sharad Pawar can do it all but again the question of leadership is presented. If the Congress expects to take the initiative, it should see that it has been without a national president for the last several months,” said the editorial.

Shiv Sena further taunted the Congress which is a partner in the ruling Mahavikas Aghadi government in Maharashtra and said, “The fact is that a major Opposition party like the Congress should be involved in all these developments. Sharad Pawar’s efforts to unite the Opposition should be joined by a prominent Congress leader like Rahul Gandhi. Only then can the combined strength of the Opposition gain real strength.”


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