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Congress MP Shashi Tharoor speaks out in support of protesting junior doctors of Gujarat

  • Shashi Tharoor accuses Gujarat government of intimidating protesting doctors


Ahmedabad: The junior doctors’ strike in Gujarat has found support from Congress MP Shashi Tharoor. In a tweet on Saturday morning, Tharoor expressed shock at what he called the government breaking its promise.

“Gujarat Govt extended junior docs’ post-grad period by 3 months to fight Covid, promising that 1 month of duty would be considered 2 months of service. It broke its promise &tried to intimidate protesting docs. Shocked and disappointed: this is no way to treat our Covid heroes!” Tharoor said in the tweet.

Resident doctors of government-run hospitals in Gujarat are on a strike to press for their demands. They have alleged that the government is going back on the assurances given in the notification issued when Covid-19 cases in the state were high.

Among their demands is that the bond period be calculated as 1:2, meaning doubling of the days of duty. They are also demanding benefits of Seventh Pay Commission, appointment in the institute where they have studied because of loss of study due to the pandemic and implementation of the senior residency plus bond scheme like in other states.

The health department has issued a notification stating that no stipend will be paid for the duration of strike by the government hospital resident doctors, nor will it be considered for educational purpose. The doctors said they would protest against the decision more severely, and the health commissioner would be responsible for the consequences.

Earlier, health minister and Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel had called the strike illegal and attempt to harass patients, warning the protesting doctors of action under Epidemic Diseases Act if they did not report back on duty.


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