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Shanti Dhariwal teases Rajasthan BJP in Assembly


Parliamentary affairs minister Shanti Dhariwal on Friday tabled the Ashok Gehlot government’s trust vote. While doing so, Shanti Dhariwal teased and tormented BJP blaming the saffron party for their attempt to topple Gehlot government.

Rajasthan mein na to Shah ki chali na Shehanshah ki chali,” Dhariwal quipped while proposing the trust vote.

BJP failed to topple Rajasthan govt

Dhariwal said the BJP toppled the governments in Madhya Pradesh, Manipur and Goa using its money and power. But similar attempts in Rajasthan failed. He said for forming the government in Maharashtra, the President was made to wake up at midnight.

“The day Fadnavis government fell, Mota Bhai and Chhota Bhai should have tendered their resignations,” said Dhariwal.

Why BJP MLAs sent to Gujarat?

He said the Opposition was blaming the government for keeping their MLAs in fortified hotels fearing poaching.

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But, he said, he wanted to ask the BJP why 18 of the BJP MLAs were sent in chartered flights to Gujarat?

“Were they sent for performing Rasleela?” asked Dhariwal.

Congress forgot peoples’ sufferings due to coronavirus

In the three-hour debate, the Opposition members blamed the government for forgetting the people during corona. It alleged that the ruling party was indulged in the power game.

BJP’s counter-attack

Leader of Opposition, Gulab Chand Kataria, said that Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot during the political crisis in his own party blamed the BJP for toppling the government. Kataria said the chief minister scripted his own story when there was a revolt in the party. The CM traded charges against the BJP for encouraging and funding the dissidents, Kataria said.

He said if there was no revolt against him why he called Sachin Pilot “nikamma (worthless)” and “nakara (useless)”. “Did I ask you (Gehlot) to say like this?”

Kataria said during the coronavirus crisis the government forgot the sufferings of the people. People were left to die and there was no one to care about them. He said the people will never forget their neglect and the Gehlot government should apologise to the people for its misdeeds.

Congress swallowed elephant

Satish Poonia, the BJP MLA and the state unit president, said that the ruling party blamed the BJP for its indulgence in the horse-trading. But the fact was you swallowed the elephant, pointing at the merger of the six BSP MLAs into Congress, which gave the minority government the majority status, he added.

Poonia said in the 35 days political drama, the Congress released several flicks. And, in playing cricket and singing songs, the government forgot the people who were wailing due to corona, he added.

He described chief minister as not only a “jaadugar (magician)”, but also a person who excels in “jugaad (innovations)”.

BJP’s Kiran Maheshwari and Independent Sanyam Lodha were among those who also participated in the debate.


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