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Fans counter hate campaign against Shahrukh Khan on Twitter

  • Start #WeLoveShahrukhKhan in response to Haryana BJP leader-led #BoycottShahrukKhan on Twitter

Mumbai: If Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan has followed Twitter trends on Thursday morning, he must be smiling. His name is part of the two highest trending hashtags—one against and another countering the first one.

#BoycottShahrukhKhan began trending on Twitter in the morning. The hate campaign against Shahrukh was led by Arun Yadav, BJP state in-charge of Information Technology Department in Haryana. He urged people to boycott the actor’s films and make the topic the highest trending one on Twitter.

Yadav even retweeted several abusive messages against Shahrukh.

“Shahrukh Khan has to be boycotted. Shahrukh Khan wants to erase Sanskriti of India,” was retweeted several times.


Fans come out in support of Shahrukh

Vaidya may not have had a proper estimate of Shahrukh’s fan following. To counter the #BoycottShahrukKhan trend, his fans started #WeLoveShahrukhKhan, which too started trending shortly thereafter. They started enlisting all his philanthropic works too, posting photographs of the actor posing with acid attack victims, para athletes and others. They also called him the most charitable Indian and pride of India.

“I am not an Indian but I love India because of Shahrukh Khan. SRK PRIDE OF INDIA,” read one tweet. “Many foreigners know India As shahrukh khan’s country,” wrote another user.


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