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Attack on Owaisi: Amit Shah gives statement in Parliament


New Delhi: Union Home Minister Amit Shah issued a statement in the Parliament on Monday regarding the recent attack on AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi’s vehicle.

Owaisi, an MP from Hyderabad, had a narrow escape when three gunshots were fired at his car in Hapur in Uttar Pradesh on February 3. He was returning to Delhi after campaigning for his party for the upcoming elections.

In his statement in the Rajya Sabha, Shah said, “Two unidentified people had fired on the carc. He (Owaisi) came out safe but there were 3 bullet marks on lower portion of his vehicle. The incident was witnessed by three witnesses.”

He said, “Owaisi had no prescheduled event in Hapur district. No information about his movement had been sent to District Control Room beforehand,” adding that there was no tip-off about the attack.

The police had arrested two persons and seized a car and pistols.

“After the incident, he reached Delhi safely,” Shah said, adding, “he forensics team is probing the incident and the two men are being questioned by the Uttar Pradesh police.”

Shah also urged the AIMIM chief to accept the Z security cover offered to him by the Centre a day after the attack. Owaisi had rejected it.

He had also demanded an independent investigation by the Election Commission in the incident.



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