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Senior citizen couple murdered at home in Sola in loot gone wrong


Robbers murdered and looted a senior citizen couple living in Shanti Bungalow in Zydus Road near Sola, all in a matter of half an hour in the morning. Police are on the lookout for four people.

The victims were identified as Ashok Patel and his wife Jyotsana who lived alone. The couple mostly lived in Dubai with their son but due to COVID, they had been living in Ahmedabad for the last three months.

On Friday, at around 8 am, Jyotsana had talked to her neighbor and her husband had been cleaning his car. Then between 8.15 and 8.45 am four men entered the house and murdered the couple with a sharp weapon. Their throats had been slit.

The security guard saw four people running out of the couple’s home. The neighbours found the couple lying in a pool of blood.

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Sola police have registered a case and are investigating the matter.

Police said the cupboard in the house had been ransacked and prima facie it seems like a loot and theft attempt gone wrong. Police said Ashok Patel had been in the business of plywood but had since then retired.

Since their son was in Dubai, they spent a lot of time there, police said.
Two bangles and rings from the woman’s hands are missing and around Rs50,000 in cash was also missing.

Cops called the victim’s daughter to the spot. The security guard said he saw four people fleeing but did not realise that a murder had been committed.

Cops are also scanning the CCTV footage.


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