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Decision on accepting torn mandate will be taken after written representation, SEC tells Gujarat high court


The State Election Commission on Monday stated before the Gujarat High court that the petitioners can submit a written representation to it about the torn mandate and it will make a decision regarding the same.

The advocate representing the 32 Congress candidates said sent a written representation to the SEC to accept the mandate from the petitioners or through the authorized person from Indian National Congress on or before February 16.

The representation had further sought police protection for all the petitioners till the election was completed.

Interestingly, the Gujarat High Court on Monday had questioned why the police were silent when such mandates were snatched and torn.
The high court further said this sort of ruffianism can’t be tolerated at all.

The petition concerning the torn mandate

Thirty-two candidates backed by the Congress had moved the Gujarat High Court seeking direction to the concerned election officer to accept their mandate for contesting the election of the Palitana Nagarpalika.

Their mandate was torn by disgruntled elements at the time of form submission.

According to the petition filed by Congress supported candidates, the last date to submit a mandate before the election commission was up to 3 pm on February 13.

When the petitioners were about to submit the mandate, some elements in the Palitana Nagarpalika snatched their mandate forms and tore them. All 32 petitioners were thus not in a position to re-submit the mandate within a short period.

The petition further stated that the incident occurred in the premises of Palitana Nagarpalika and the area is under CCTV surveillance. Despite this, no action was taken by police and other authorities.

February 15 is the last day for scrutiny of forms by the election officer and hence if on or before February 15 the forms of the petitioners are not accepted and considered, then there will be no scope of intervention and this will result in an uncontested election, the petition stated.


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