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Schools to reopen class 6 to 8 from Feb 18 onwards


Physical classes for Class 6 to 8 in schools will begin across the state from February 18 onwards. The decision comes in the wake of a reduction in COVID cases in the state. Schools will however have to follow the guidelines for COVID while the classes are resumed.

The decision has been taken for the long-term term benefit of education for students. However, attendance in school for physical classes will be voluntary. Students who don’t wish to attend physical classes can continue with online classes and schools will have to continue with the online classes for such students.

However, students and teachers who are living in containment zones and schools in containment zones will not be allowed to reopen or attend schools.

Mask and social distancing will be mandatory for students who attend the classes.

School reopening background

Schools in the state had in February resumed physical classes for Class 9 and 11 from Monday onwards after being closed for over 300 days.  Tuition classes were also given the green light to hold physical classes for classes 9 to 12.

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This reopening came after the successful reopening of physical classes for Class 10 and 12 earlier. The state had at that time too said that the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) released by the state when classes 10 & 12 were reopened will have to be followed.

Originally, the Gujarat government was all set to open schools post-Diwali in November end subject to certain conditions. Schools in the state had been shut down since March after the lockdown was announced to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

The department had said it would open schools in a phased manner. In the first phase classes, 9 to 12 were to be opened and in the second phase, classes 6 to 8 was be opened. But the post-Diwali surge in COVID cases in Gujarat forced the government to postpone the reopening. The doctors had also warned against the reopening of schools then.

Initially, the schools were closed from March 16 to 29, 2020. Eventually, it was extended up to Diwali and the extension extended to 2021.


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