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Schools say will not conduct unit test


School administrators and education department is headed for yet another confrontation this time over unit test. 

The schools in the state have decided not to take unit tests at present. 


The Rajya Shala Sanchalak Mahamandal had earlier made a representation before the government urging that state not to conduct the same. 

They had argued that with education going online, several students in remote areas of the state were unable to access mobile or television. 

Such students will be at a disadvantage in the test. 

They had said the unit test will create unnecessary pressure among such students.

Moreover, there is a shortage of subject-specific teachers to evaluate the answer sheets, they argued.

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State is adamant

The state has meanwhile said it will go ahead with the unit tests.

A meeting of five education associations was held in Gandhinagar on July 29. 

Various issues like problems faced by non-teaching staff in various schools, the challenges in higher education, salaries of teachers and other staff members were discussed. 

A decision was also taken not to conduct unit tests in schools.

The principals and district-level education authorities were informed of the decision.

Among those who participated in the meeting were the Higher Secondary Teachers Association, School principal’s association etc.

Three main concerns of school

  • Vacant positions in various schools in the state should be filled by August 31
  • The government should stop linking grant given to a school with the result it produces
  • Every school should have at least one principal and two teachers per class.

The rationale behind the unit test

The state government began home learning for Gujarat Board students to ensure that there was no break in education due to the Lockdown. 

It offered classes through various channels for class 9 to 12. 

The government believes that teaching alone cannot serve a purpose if a student is not evaluated regularly.

Evaluation is an important part of teaching. 

The department believes that evaluation is the only way to know how much a student has learned. 

It has further argued that unit tests are not something new and students are already aware of it. 

Moreover, it will also help parents keep an eye on the progress of their wards and help guide them if needed.

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