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Schools cannot charge tuition fee: Gujarat Education Department


The education department in Gujarat has decided that schools cannot charge tuition fees from students for the period they remained closed.

The period includes the time the schools remained shut up to the time they reopened and began functioning.

The education department in a release said that self-financed schools also cannot increase the fee on their own.

It said actual teaching and non-teaching expenses incurred by the school during lockdown will be taken into consideration by the Fee Regulatory Committee.

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This expense will be taken into consideration by the committee while deciding the fee for the upcoming year.

The education department has said in case advance fee was paid, schools need to adjust it against the rest of the fee for the year.

The schools cannot ask any student from Class 1 to 8 to leave.

As per the Gujarat high court order, the schools also cannot.prevent any student from attending class for not paying fee up to June 30.

The department has also decided that. there is provision for alternative facilities and fee for the same.

But, it said the fee for other activities, decided by the school, cannot. be charged until the schools begin to function regularly.

In case, such fee has already been paid, it will. have to be adjusted against the rest of the pending fees.

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Self-financed schools refused to reduce the fee

The education department was forced to come.up with the statement as the Gujarat government had received.complaints from several parents.

The parents complained that self-financed schools were forcing parents to pay.fees even for those months when they were under lockdown.

On the other hand, some of the schools reduced the pay of.its teaching and non-teaching staff by 40% to 50% citing the same lockdown.

It should be noted that most schools function as charitable.trusts and profit is not supposed to be their motive.

But the Gujarat Self Finance School Association had said it will not reduce fees for its students.

This prompted the education department to come up with the clarification.

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