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School fee issue: Parent’s asso moves Gujarat high court to be party in case

  • Say they agree with the government’s decision to reduce fees by 25%.
  • Some private schools have already implemented it but others are holding out.
  • This is preventing the government from issuing any notification in the matter.
  • As a result parents and students are under undue stress

Naresh Shah of the All Gujarat Wali Mandal has filed a civil application in the Gujarat High Court seeking to join as a party in the matter concerning fee charged by private schools.

The association that represents parents sought to join as a party as no decision about the fee to be charged has been taken so far.  Advocate Vishal Dave appeared on behalf of the petitioners.


Parents support govt in a 25% reduction in fee

The petition said that the association supports the government’s proposal to reduce fee by 25% but the Federation of Self-Financed Schools has refused the same.

The petition said because of the self-financed schools’ refusal to agree to the government proposal, the government is not in a position to issue a fresh notification concerning school fees during COVID-19 times.

It further said that 38 self-financed schools have agreed to reduce the first quarter fee by 25% while 20 schools in Surat have already slashed the fee.

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The petition said some schools are holding out on reducing fees and this has prevented the state government from coming up with a resolution regarding school fees.

It urged the HC to resolve the matter as at present it remains unresolved despite best efforts of the state government and earlier direction of the high court.

It also said that many parents are being misled on the fee issue by schools who are directly in touch with parents through emails and chats.

While seeking to join as a petitioner, the application further said that parents and students were the ones who were being put under undue stress due to the matter not getting resolved.

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